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It's always fun to stay at the hotel! Hotels are the kind of space that lets the calm self rise and breathe. Beds are usually super comfy and have no worries about cleaning up after a mess. Sometimes people stay at fancy hotels and end up loving the rooms entirely that they wish they could remake their homes to look as good as the hotel.

Achieve a luxurious lifestyle, regardless of your budget with only a few steps! Below is the following list of ways to make your home look more like a hotel. Through thorough analysis, we've gathered the trick and tips to provide you a more pleasant time in your own home. 

Use A Color Palette

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When used correctly, color palettes form your visual foundation, help maintain consistency and bring the room together. It's an enjoyable method when designing your home and presents aesthetically pleasing views.

Tips: Instead of choosing a saturated shade, try to focus on a more muted color. Then, go bold with your other two shades in the room's accent pieces.

Have Fresh Cut Flowers

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An attractive way of bringing your outdoors to the indoors is by adding a floral arrangement of desire. All fine quality hotels have an arrangement dedicated to themed of the suites types.

Tips: You can never go wrong with white roses. Consider having flowers in your room, not plastic ones, but real flowers.

Tuck Your Linen


Source: AARB Magazine

If you've ever slept on a hotel bed, then you've probably noticed how comfortable the mattress is. Hotel mattresses are comfortable because they use high-quality hybrid spring memory foam or latex foam along with mattress toppers, soft sheets, fluffy comforters, and down pillows.

Tips: Roll & tuck your linen or bed sheet underneath the mattress daily for a slick look and ready for guest 

A Deluxe Bathrobe and Slippers


Among the most notable items fancied in a hotel are their bathrobes and slippers. Not much of a necessary, but allow yourself to relax and be 

indulged with a soft bathrobe and a fluffy pair of slippers in your home provides you the hotel-like touch you are dying to have, and you do not have to worry about wearing clothes that restrain your movement. 

Tips: Consider the color neutral and solid to achieve the ultimate luxurious experience.

Find Your Signature Scent

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The fragrance is vital in attaining a luxurious ambiance for your home. Top luxury hotel chains, such as The Marina Bay Sands or Marriott use the power of scent to brand themselves. Utilizing high air pressure to deliver nanoparticles of scented oils through their air conditioning system keeps building fragrant around the clock. 

And as for your home, you can use soy candles to give your home a specific scent signature. And soft furnishing items such as curtains, you can use a particular type of conditioner. Add an air freshener to your bathroom. 


Tips: Synchronize the scents to make sure they blend seamlessly.

Small Indulgence & Lounging Corner

Our Master Bedroom By Hamilton Park Home

We've all probably heard the saying "less is more." Little details sometimes make the most significant differences. Whether it is three or 5-star hotels, they usually have minor features for guests to enjoy like their minibar for instance.


Daily activities can be cooperated to make it luxurious. Elevate the space by adding a lounging corner where you can enjoy your coffee and lotion your hands. Just be sure to have something that makes you feel the need to be in your home to escape from the hassles of the outside world.


Get Dramatic With Furniture & Decorations


Westin Suite Recommed By Sabs Studios

Source: Westin Hotel Singapore

By looking at most images from hotel sites, you will notice that the furniture is more significant than the average ones at most homes. It takes a lot of courage to execute these ideas since they may seem somewhat exaggerated. Your bed, for instance, should be king-size.


You cannot flip a home to look like a hotel by doing the ordinary. Consider using neutral colors, embracing big things, and acquiring unique pieces for your home. By following these tips, you will notice a tremendous difference within your space and how it feels. 

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