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I know there are some of us staying in small spaces and small apartments. When it comes to an environment like this, it's all about tricking the eyes to make it seem that everything has a great flow. 

Whether you're starting from scratch or feeling cramped in your current situation. There is always a solution to your woes. Here are some easily digest tips for your renovation venture gathered by experienced interior designers and decorators.

Furniture Size & Arrangement 


When dealing with small areas, you shouldn't be buying heavy and clunky furniture that will weigh down your space. The size of the room and the furniture needs to go hand in hand. 

Get creative with the arrangement, avoid and carefully select furnishings that is a bit more to scale and serve multiple purposes. 

Paint White

White Paints Inspo for white room from Pressrender


It's no secret that light colors are an unmistakable choice for making a room feel bigger. No matter the theme or room type, white is a great palette to begin your decor journey.

Add Mirrors

Mirrored Front Entry By Tracey Jazmin

Tracey Jazmin

Add mirrors to a cramped room; it will repurpose an awkward area by instantly giving the illusions of spaciousness. It is also a great way to take advantage of natural and artificial light and spread it across the room to dark areas. 

Mount Your Television

FOG Architecture

Works well for the minimalist and is a concept that is adapting by the masses. It is not just cost-saving by ditching the bulky console; it also provides more floor space to roam.

Consider Multi-purpose Furniture 

Massimo Multifunction Sofa Bed with Storage


Too much stuff creates clutter. Often we are the cause of constraints that affect space limits. The solution is to own multi-functional furniture without ruining the interior expression, which there are plenty to choose from. This item provides the luxury of saving and serving you double the purpose.

Raise Your Rods Higher

Vidga From IKEA

A highly shared trick among interior decorators is to bring the illusion of a bigger window. It's by hanging your rod higher or closer to the ceiling with a pairing of floor-length drapes to give a boost of the room’s height!

Show Those Legs 

Furniture Village

With that said, furniture like a sofa with legs will also benefit you in the long term for its stability. By showing the furniture legs, it will elevate the height of the area. 

Enjoy having guests over? Do consider getting sofas with a leg; this will allow people the advantage to stoop down less, making the act of sitting less strenuous and especially for the elderly individual.

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