Ditching Top Cabinets? An open concept could be for you!

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Open Concept Cabinets are argumentatively the most talk about among new homeowners. In comparison to cabinets, an open concept kitchen highlights the spaciousness of the kitchen, providing you the opportunity to showcase your decorative style.

Considered as one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to modernize your kitchen is to nix some upper cabinets and substitute them with shelves instead. Exposing the clutter to your guest is downright frightening.

Before you jump into this design, plan out what you need to store and what you wish to showcase—consider throwing or selling unused items that have not been touched for more than six months. Here are a few concepts you can incorporate for a smooth transition.

The Metals


Hate it or love it! Ditching the idea of cabinets for an industrial-themed surprisingly works—all it takes is to channel your inner Gordon Ramsay, a little planning, and the proper organization. 

These systems are an easy fit for any design, keeping the things you love on hand but out of sight. A style that which has been adapted by merely all professional kitchen.

Half & Half

“Half & Half” is when functionality meets fun. Exposed shelving may freak you out, instead limit a section of the wall to get creative. Hid the rest in your cabinet, so you aren't giving away with concealed storage entirely, but a chance to experiment a little with going open.

The Singles

Better have something than nothing! A minimalistic approach to design, a plank of wood is the easiest way to decorate your kitchen. Mix in fun decor pieces, like books and vases, for a pazzazz.


Wallpaper Backsplash 


Source: Casa Watkins Living 

This vintage accent can impart an old-fashioned feel. Depending on the prints you pick, go for a modernized look. Relatively, this transformation makes a quick statement and saves a lot for decorations. This D.I.Y can be done in less than an afternoon and is an excellent activity for a family bonding session.

Tiles Touch


Source: Almira collection by Pavigres Ceramicas

Many variations of stylish ceramics are sure to inspire from hexagons to geometrics designs. There is no need to go for a bland and basic look. Add subtle intermittent texture to add definition and interest.

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