Carpet 101: The Basic Maintenance


Have you ever start itching after lying down on your carpet or someone else’s? It could probably be dust-mites. These tiny creatures feed on dead skin cells that aren't visible to our eyes; therefore, owning carpets in your home leaves a good impression but also gives us extra responsibility. 

These days we are spending most of our time at home. Because like you, we love the warmth and fuzziness of our carpets from the marbles tiles. And what know, what we brought in from outside that lands on our mat.

Here we'll share the basic steps to clean the carpet and offer a few tips and tricks to help make the chore easier and keep the carpet clean for a long haul.

Remove Your Shoes

Get the habit of removing your shoes and placing mats at the door, as it can drag in all sorts of gross things to hold them. Instead, purchase specially made slippers to be only worn in the house.

Vacuum Often 

The best defense against the early retirement of carpets is by vacuuming. Vacuum twice a week or more, depending on room traffic. 

Do a thorough check on the hose to see any airflow obstruction on any possible obstruction before starting.

Empty the canister or bags before it gets full, remove unnecessary debris from the brushes and wipe the vacuum with a bit of white vinegar to keep it dust-free. 

Standby a Carpet-Cleaning Kit

Items you need 

  • Cleaning Solution 
  • Lint Free Rags 
  • A Plastic Scraper
  • Soft Bristle Brush

Include lint-free rags that spillage can easily absorb. Never rub as it will push the spills into the carpet fibers. 

A bottle of carpet cleaner is a must. Follow the instructions manual before using as some people spray or pour the solution on the spot and immediately rub it in vigorously.


 The best bet is to let it soak and remove as much cleaner as possible with a plastic scrape without rubbing it into the carpet fibers. 

Once done, blot out excess and brush the carpet with a soft-bristle brush back into shape.


Don't Allow the Sunlight In

Women open and close the curtains


When it comes to darker carpet color, do not expose too much of the sun as the UV rays from the sun can age your carpet. So shut blinds or drapes before you leave for the day. 

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