About Us

Founded in 2019, Sabs Studios started as a small start-up selling beauty products to lifestyle supplements in affiliation with other brands. It has rebranded to what it is now, a site dedicated to interior design and home improvements.

We live by a code of honor while assuring you that our products are 100% authentic and imported from their originating country. Sabs Studios works with authorized licensed suppliers as well.

As we passionately create content about interior design, we are busy discovering the next big things, staying updated on the latest craftsmanship, retail partners, exposing ourselves to interior designers and contractors.

Because, like you, we are dedicated to living our best life at home. We believe every home should be our secret haven decorated with things we love.

To make the aspirational truly attainable and affordable, we understand how daunting it could be to own your first home or designing a small place. Whether you are throwing a Christmas party to any other form of festivities, we'll be sure to inspire you.