Clear Fridge Organizer Slide
Clear Fridge Organizer Slide
Clear Fridge Organizer Slide
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Clear Fridge Organizer Slide

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1. Innovative drawer storage box, suitable for most standard-size refrigerator shelves to store eggs, vegetables, seafood, fruits for the tidiest fridge.

2. Drawer-like design, easy access to food, effectively increase limited refrigerator space.

3. 2 styles, one deepened egg slot, convenient for storing eggs; the other ordinary storage box to store vegetables, fruits, and many more

4. Made up of high-quality PS+ABS material, strong, wear-resistant, and long service life.

Installation steps:

1. Release the adjustable bayonet.

2. Insert the telescopic rods on both sides.

3. Align the refrigerator glass plate.

4. Pull the fixing frame to fix it.

5. Align the buckle and fasten.

6, Put the drawer into the sliding rail.

6. Installation completes

7. Use effect display.


Material: PET+ABS material

Size: As Shown In Picture

Color: Transparent

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